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Should or Could

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Noticing again how often SHOULD is running behind my thoughts and everyday functioning.  All the things I SHOULD do are worthwhile. But Should Do carries such a weight of judgment when I don’t manage to pull it all off. Of course, since it is the endless To Do list. When I slow down enough to… Read more »

Babies are money makers

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In his research on infant care, and especially premature infant care, Dr Nils Bergman is working assiduously to debunk the mythology that premature babies are more healthy in incubators.  The whole emergence of incubator use was a great money maker of “Dr” Couney, who set up his Infant Incubator exhibits at World Fairs and amusement… Read more »

Breastfeeding Friendly childcare

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New MDH Breastfeeding Friendly recognition program available The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has launched a program to recognize family child care homes and child care centers that have taken steps to become Breastfeeding Friendly. Child care providers can play a critical role in supporting breastfeeding mothers and their babies. It’s important to recognize their… Read more »

Triplet tales: It took a village

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Breastfeeding: Slow beginning….. We were committed to breastfeeding, and we needed everyone’s help to make it possible.  Breastfeeding was affected by so many variables.  Each baby had his/her own little challenges in the beginning. I began bringing them to breast from the first day, but they were born early, so the babies weren’t quite ready… Read more »

My mobility is back

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My sacrum felt amazing all weekend – like I wasn’t even pregnant. It’s feeling a bit tighter now but no pain. Because it’s unstable, I’m combining movement activities at home with alternating chiropractic and myofascial release help. I feel like I have my body and mobility back. Thank you. – Kim K

Mind the gap, part 2

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During pregnancy women voraciously read books and blogs.  You’re talking to anyone and everyone in your circle of friends and family who has had a baby.  Probably selectively, since Aunt Agnes just tells horror stories.  The women in your world help you define what is normal, what is possible, and your vision of birth and… Read more »