Somatic Movement Therapist • Body Ready Method® Certified Birth Pro

Spinning Babies® Aware Bodywork Practitioner • Spinning Babies® Parent Educator

Craniosacral & Myofascial Therapist

Lactation Counselor • Infant Developmental Movement Educator

Birthed in awareness and love

MamaBebe was born in 1993 when I began offering classes rooted in years of somatic, dance and mindfulness practices. My experience of birthing and mothering my daughter inspired me to offer my first class. My son’s conception and gestation coincided with leading a prenatal MamaBebe group.

I created a developmental playgroup for new mothers who wanted to help their babies fulfill their developmental movements. I then saw that some babies needed more individualized support with hands-on help. In the birth community women began requesting private craniosacral therapy. I gradually built on my skills as an educator, continued training to become a somatic movement therapist, and then learned how to support women at birth and with breastfeeding. 

Along the way I wrote and published articles for families and professional peers. From the beginning I taught peers what I had learned and offered staff workshops to share the essential principles, practices, and powerful benefits of somatic developmental movement. 

I am a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist through the International Somatic Movement Educators and Therapists Association (ISMETA), which upholds the high quality of professional training and ethics for the somatic field.