Congratulations on your coming baby! Pregnancy is an emotional journey, and a time of connecting with your baby, that can bring joys and challenges for your body, mind, and heart. Now is a time to take care of yourself.

Tend yourself & your baby well

As your pregnancy progresses, you may feel aches and pains. Discomfort increases the probability of baby landing in a poor position and of birth being more difficult. You may have anxiety about coming events and parenting. You can be more at ease now and confident in your coming birth and breastfeeding with good care and focused activities. Tend your birth vision, your well-being, and your baby while you prepare for your best birth.

Where does it hurt?

Pain is information about mis-alignment

Persistent discomfort in pregnancy signals that parts of your body are out of balance. Now that you have a baby growing inside, these muscles, ligaments and bones are stretched and stressed. Pain is a red flag for alignment problems that can lead to a longer, harder birth. Respect information from your body and get help early for restrictions and misalignment.

  • Lower back pain
  • Pain in the groin area, the lower belly, and anywhere around the belly
  • Aching in the perineum area and the bottom
  • Sciatic nerve pain, in the butt or down the leg
  • Hip pain, including sacroiliac joint in the back, or sides
  • Rib pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Reflux or heartburn
  • Pain in your sides
  • Edema, swelling ankles and legs, hands
  • Shoulder and neck pain
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty moving in everyday life without pain
  • Anxiety, tension or depression

What’s your baby’s position?

Poor alignment can put baby in a poor starting position

Your baby’s position in late pregnancy sets up how your labor goes. Whether muscles and ligaments are tight or very lax, space is imbalanced for your baby, and he is more likely to begin birth in a poor position. You can help your baby land in a good starting position by building balanced strength and releasing tension throughout your pregnancy.

Get special help if your baby is breech.

Birth preparation

Poor alignment is a setup for a longer, harder birth

When a woman’s body is out of balance, birth is more likely to be slow, to stall, to have irregular patterns of contractions, or to be painful or complicated. Your baby makes a challenging journey when she must rotate and come around a deep curve to travel through the snug fit of your pelvis. Not only can the start of labor be difficult, but poor alignment makes it harder for your baby to move down. 

Increase your chances of an easier, shorter birth with alignment movements and bodywork. You can use myofascial bodywork and Body Ready Method® activities to develop better alignment for better progress of labor.

How are you feeling?

Time to heal

Pregnancy and birth preparation can be thrilling – or create feelings of great uncertainty. You’re in an emotional time. Prior personal experiences, family, or the world around you may be deeply stressful. Your session can include emotional release to help you relax and navigate any ups and downs you’re going through.

Connect inwardly & with your baby

When life is very full and distracting, you can take the time for a quiet, deep dive to settle into your pregnancy. Busy moms with older children may want to take a breather to be with the little one snuggled inside you. With a somatic approach you can enter into awareness of your body and mind states, as well as connection with your baby. You can draw on practices in mindfulness of movement to help you prepare for birth. In session you can enter into the entwined flow states with yourself and your baby in utero. 

An easier start for baby

Birth impacts breastfeeding & more

A difficult pregnancy and birth can affect your developing baby in many ways. Discomfort anywhere in your pelvis and belly is often mirrored by restrictions on your baby’s body. The intensity of birth pressures can reshape the bones of her head, which may result in colic or breastfeeding difficulties. Craniosacral therapy can help your baby recover from birth. Natural Breastfeeding videos provide prenatal education for you to begin caring for your newborn as soon as they arrive in your arms.

Baby in a better position

Even before my pregnancy, I struggled with chronic pain and have tried many other types of treatment. Craniosacral and myofascial bodywork was the first treatment that helped my body to unlearn tension.

After the first session, my womb felt more centered, shifting the baby into a good position for birth.

– Alyssa

My breech baby spun into place

After feeling very uncomfortable during the start of the third trimester of my second pregnancy, we found out around week 32 that indeed our baby was breech. I worked with my doula and Catherine, practicing the Spinning Babies essential moves and adding in a few myofascial release sessions.

It did the trick! At a 37-week ultrasound the baby had “spun” and was exactly where he needed to be! I was able to have the natural birth experience I wanted and he was in the perfect position.

– Lindsay, Minneapolis

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