Body Ready Method®

Minimize pregnancy aches and pains while you stack the cards in your favor for a shorter, easier birth. After baby comes, recover from the intensity of birth with a safe, effective movement program that you can begin in the first tender days. With this same active approach, help yourself build strength and balanced alignment in all phases of life.

Core strength & suppleness for life

Body Ready Method® fosters self awareness and an understanding of your own body’s balance in activity at any time in a woman’s life.  Originally developed for childbearing women; valuable for everyone.

Body Ready Method® (BRM®) empowers expectant and birthing women to take charge of the controllables of prenatal preparation, birth, and recovery in a personal movement alignment program. The Body Ready Method® approach enables a woman to feel resilient and strong in her body and ready for her extraordinary journey of pregnancy, birth and postpartum. 

Life throws us curve balls. We can be ready & steady to field them through our parenting, work in the world, and self-care throughout life. Your tailored home program meets you where you are, addresses your quirks and strengths, and builds progressively any time in life.


Your individualized movement program improves alignment, core strength and balance. Incorporating your Body Ready Method® program into daily activities during pregnancy can help you:

  • Have an easier, shorter birth
  • Address pregnancy aches and pains
  • Minimize unnecessary abdominal separation
  • Reduce pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Optimize pelvic floor responsiveness
  • Use your personal moves at birth
  • Work smarter, not harder!


Birth is an intense experience for women and babies, physically and emotionally. Caring for a newborn and little children continually calls on you. You don’t have to resign yourself to a draggy, postpartum time.

Benefits after baby arrives:

  • Regain core strength and abdominal tone
  • Restore pelvic floor function and pleasure
  • Relieve tight shoulders and neck
  • Recover from a difficult birth, vaginal or C-section
  • Learn activities that enable you to re-enter an active fitness program

Lifelong balance

Life as a parent, as a homemaker, and as a worker makes daily demands on our bodies. Years later, mothers may still feel the effects of birth and parenting young children. Many of us have hours at desk jobs or heavy use of our bodies in the trades. You can find balance through movement that restores your rightful energy, strength and ease at any time.

Body Ready Method® ongoing benefits for women: 

  • Relieve lower back pain and other chronic muscular aches and pains
  • Tone your pelvic floor for a satisfying sex life
  • Improved agility and balance 
  • Move your body in everyday life to build strength, instead of weakness and tension

Elevate Pilates for alignment support

Looking for a Pilates approach to alignment support? Dannell Shu at Elevate Pilates MN is a warm, skillful practitioner who specializes in supporting women’s well-being with individualized programs. 

What to expect in a Body Ready Method® (BRM®) session

Postpartum recovery

Catherine helped with two of my sons within days after birth. They were able to relax and adjust to the new world. Most importantly, their latch and breastfeeding drastically improved. She made time for us right away, and even went above and beyond helping me in my postpartum recovery with Body Ready Method® activities. She is full of knowledge about all things mother and baby, and anyone seeking services is blessed to have her expertise at their disposal.

– Jamie Bojado

Recovery and self care plan

Postpartum recovery and caring for a new baby asks your body for a new self care plan. What’s going on for you? Your body may be feeling new stressors and challenges. Begin with targeted activities that can fit into your busy life.

Pelvic floor toning with breathing

At any time in a woman’s life, your pelvic floor health & tone is essential for your well-being. Whether for your own pleasure or for birth preparation & recovery, go for a supple and resilient pelvic floor. Simple activities, starting with breathing through your diaphragm, will develop both strength and resilience.

What Catherine brings