Spinning Babies® Parent Class

Prepare for birth with a Spinning Babies® Parent Class for a more comfortable pregnancy and easier labor. You and your partner will take home practical activities and guidelines in a small group, three hour class.

Why families take this class:

  • You envision an active natural birth
  • You feel discomfort anywhere in hips, belly, bottom, groin, legs or back
  • Dad/partner wants to know how to help you now & at birth
  • You want to improve your chances of an easier birth
  • If you had a prior long or difficult birth
  • You plan a vaginal birth after C-section

    What to do when in pregnancy

    A woman can prepare her body for birth and relieve prenatal discomfort with the basics of Spinning Babies activities. Pain in pregnancy tells us that alignment is off, which means less space for the baby now and for the course of labor. Practicing Spinning Babies movements and hands-on partner activities prenatally, you’ll both know them well for your birth.

    What to do when at birth

    The Spinning Babies Parent Class teaches parents movements for your coming birth, in addition to your prenatal activities. Mothers and partners will know what to do, when and why as labor progresses. Couples learn activities to open the pelvis at the top, middle and bottom to create space for your baby to make her journey through.

    How does Spinning Babies work?

    Specific movements relax and open space for your baby to get in a good position. When your baby has enough space to move well, pregnancy and birth are easier. You can open space in your body by bringing balance and alignment through hands-on support of simple Spinning Babies’ movements.

    Combine the services you need for your situation

    • Can’t fit the group class into your busy life? Arrange a private Spinning Babies Parent class.
    • Combine bodywork and alignment activities with your Spinning Babies® Parent Class
    • If you feel continuing muscle discomfort anywhere around your belly, hips, legs, torso, or back, set up myofascial bodywork and Body Ready Method® alignment sessions for individualized activities. Address pain now for best outcomes in birth.
    • Packages available with Spinning Babies® Parent group class or for multiple bodywork sessions.

    Is your baby in a difficult position?

    If you’re 32+ weeks, or if your baby is lodged into one place starting at 28 weeks, do Spinning Babies activities for a week. If your baby is still not moving into a better position, set up myofascial bodywork and Body Ready Method® alignment sessions. Arrange for the Breech Balancing program if your baby is head up or sideways.

    What to do when a contraction comes on

    Learning Spinning Babies activities and practicing them during pregnancy helped me feel a lot of relief from changes in my weight distribution and uncomfortable positions. 

    Some activities felt awkward at first. Just looking at the website was not enough. Catherine walked us through them, then my husband and I did the activities on our own. I’m glad we practiced them at home, for more comfort. 

    During labor we could refer back to these now familiar activities. The alignment activities gave Jon and me a focus and goal of what we were going to do when a contraction came on. 

    – Jon & Melissa

    With practice, I was uninhibited at birth

    Because we had practiced beforehand I was able to be uninhibited in the hospital. I needed my helpers to push on my back. I stretched in between contractions. I did movements & poses you taught. Cecelia came out while I was in child pose.

    – Anne

    Getting past the stall in labor

    I had learned about Spinning Babies from the website for my first birth, and I had thought that I understood it, but during my labor I found that I didn’t know what to do. We came through it utterly exhausted.

    At our second birth early labor moved along steadily; then stalled at the same place as the first birth. I did specific Spinning Babies moves for an hour, and then was dilated to nine centimeters. We were surprised and relieved! Our baby was born just 20 minutes later.

    – 2nd time mother

    We were calm & inspired

    To us preparing for childbirth meant education. Catherine’s professional approach as an educator meant that we received the information we needed to confidently and happily reach the conclusion of the pregnancy and begin the birth.

    After the birth Catherine visited us in the hospital and our home to answer questions and provide advice. She continued her practice as before, providing information and often articles and data that encouraged us. Breastfeeding and Erin’s postpartum health were at the forefront of these visits, and we welcomed her insight and information with open arms. With her guidance we were able to start our time as parents with confidence.

    – Mike & Erin

    You are awesome

    Birth is a natural event, but we need to feel comfortable with sounds and movements. Your body will make moves you never may have made.

    Through our session, my husband felt more connected with me and our birthing team. There was nothing better than when he would hug me and say, ‘You are awesome’.

    – Vicki Prescott

    What Catherine brings