Copyright usage agreement

Authorization for recording of images & audio for use by Catherine Burns, MamaBebe LLC and by the Client family.

  • I hereby acknowledge that Catherine Burns, MamaBebe LLC, retains full copyright ownership of video and audio recording of therapy and home program session. I understand that Catherine Burns, MamaBebe LLC, gives permission to me to use these video images for personal use only for myself or for my child. I will not share these video/audio recording with other people, except immediate family for use by myself or with my child. I will not post these video/audio recordings on any public media or private media groups. I will not sell or trade these video/audio recordings.
  • I understand that I am responsible to download or copy my video to my own storage device or space. This video will be available at the GDrive of MamaBebe LLC for a limited time of 60 days from the date of the videos being shared with me. During that 60 days access time I will transfer my video to my own storage system. After 60 days, MamaBebe LLC will remove the video from GDrive. Mamabebe LLC shall have no responsibility to provide access to the original video nor to reconstruct the session that was recorded.
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  • By my signature below, I freely agree to this Copyright Usage Agreement. If this video includes my partner, my child and any family members, my signature authorizes this Copyright Usage Agreement on their behalf.
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