Life journeys

Support as you make your way
Wake up your inner resources to move with suppleness through your life and to set your own course. We can live wholeheartedly within ourselves and with those near and dear to us. As well as all the other people in our world of work and community, whether dear or difficult!

  • Reduce stress
  • Dissolve the feeling of being stuck
  • Find fluidity in change
  • Relieve chronic tension & discomfort
  • Build core strength & suppleness
  • Connect deeply with your inner voice
  • Move through loss
  • Cultivate the natural homes of the heart
  • Mother yourself as a mother

    Reduce stress

    Your life is a busy, full balancing act. What does balance look like in your busy life? Is it time to rebalance when you have new commitments, a new direction, a new relationship, a new baby? You can renew the deep well within yourself for making healthy choices and for tending all the parts of your life.

    Dissolve the feeling of being stuck

    Difficult events can leave a deep imprint that can stall us out or lead to self-sabotage. Often old beliefs are deeply hidden beneath dysfunctional behaviors and habit patterns that we struggle to break apart. We may want to move on in our lives but we may find that we are repeating the same old behaviors. The body holds all these old experiences until we have the capacity and support to digest the difficult fear, loss, or injury.

    Habit patterns are powerful, but they don’t have to drive us around. Take a deep dive to get at the source of old, stuck places. Reorient to your vibrant, authentic vitality.

    Find fluidity in change

    Whether big changes are taking place around you or within you, you can adapt with flexibility to life just as it is and to make the changes that you yearn for.

    You can connect within yourself to navigate through career and family changes, decisions about directions in life and work, and find grounding for upheavals around you. With somatic support you can steer through major life changes such as job transitions, family changes, menstrual cycles, menopause and beyond.

    Relieve chronic discomfort

    Our bodies can hold habituated tension from repetitive daily use or from old injuries. Some may be old emotional holding patterns. Bring all your troubled regions – lower back, shoulders and neck, headaches and more. Chronic discomfort and pain can be relieved through a combination of myofascial bodywork and movement alignment activities.

    Build core strength & suppleness

    Aches and pains are often due to misalignment and how we use our bodies day to day. Imbalances result in weakness in one area, then tension in opposite areas. For example, a weak core in front is paired with overloaded tight areas in our shoulders and back. Where do you start? With a comprehensive assessment you can build core strength and flexibility in a personal movement alignment program.

    Connect deeply with your inner voice

    Awaken your own inner body-mind resources and set your own course. Move through difficult transitions in your life, be authentic to yourself, and find new ways to be and act. You can connect deeply to your own inner voice and direction with support of resonant touch, movement, and mindfulness practices.

    Somatic bodywork supports your personal path with its adventures and uncertainties.


    The heart-breaking intensity of a traumatic loss can overwhelm us. Our nervous system may put the experience on hold in our body until we have enough support to be able to heal. You can honor the unique, intimate experience of your healing journey with support of somatic practices and hands-on therapy.

    Cultivate the natural homes of the heart

    Heart practices of mindfulness and movement can help us through vulnerable and difficult times and uplift us in everyday life. Ancient simple practices awaken heart wisdom to sustain you in everyday life and feed your soul.

    Mother yourself as the mother

    Being a mother can be rewarding, satisfying, and draining; taking care of children and your family calls on you continuously. Go to your source within and renew the well with somatic guidance.

    Here you can find somatic therapies for childbearing, from conception onto spacious and grounded preparation for birth. During the big changes of post-partum and mothering your new baby, you can adapt with fluidity, grace and strength.