Developmental delay

If your baby or toddler is facing delay, developmental movements can activate his innate inner resources for moving along in milestones. Simple, playful activities are powerful early interventions in therapy sessions and your individualized home program.

Learning new parenting skills

I had a gut feeling that we were “almost there but something was still missing” in addressing his needs, and she has been able to take him to a new level of wellness.

I so appreciate the way she always sends me home with suggestions and new skills for furthering my child’s wellness on my own… be it exercises, massage techniques, or ways of adapting my home to make a more developmentally appropriate space.

– Mary M-W

Help for adopted baby

As a new mother of an adopted baby, I found Catherine an invaluable source of support and information through the challenging first three months together. The simple movement techniques we learned helped my daughter move through a developmental hurdle during her first year to become the happy, healthy toddler she is today.

– Diane

Looking at our faces more

We have had developmental concerns about our son Joren for nearly a year. We have felt encouraged, empowered and educated through our partnership with Catherine. We have seen huge gains since we began working with her!

– Nicole

Rebuilding from traumatic injury

Our daughter’s traumatic birth resulted in a brain injury. I was very concerned about both physical and emotional damages it caused to her. While we were in NICU I found an article that Catherine wrote. It focused on birth trauma and how children could be helped to process the trauma to ease the negative effects. I knew we wanted to see her. I was amazed to see the changes in my daughter as Catherine worked on her. She taught us and provided videos of our sessions so we could bring the work home.

–Matt Nupen

Well organized movements in the first year are essential for bonding and social/emotional maturation, forming your child’s emerging sense of self. Developmental movements are the basis for early mastery learning and cognition skills. These same movements create coordination and postural alignment for your child’s growing body.

Movement delay

During the first year, your child’s brain and body are primed for specific movements. Small gaps or barriers may impede your child in meeting her developmental milestones. You can learn simple movement and touch guidance to help your child catch up during the sensitive first years. There is very little value in waiting for a child to grow out of delay when outside normal ranges.

Children with very low tone, very high tone, or uneven movement are prone to movement delays. Myofascial toning can be combined with developmental movement therapy to yield the best results for your child’s development.

Emotional-social delay

Does your child have a hard time connecting with you or with other children? The early signs of emotional and social delay show up as poor bonding and attachment. If your baby or toddler is not responding well with you, she may have sensory or sensori-motor difficulties, or may have experienced emotional trauma during birth. Social-emotional delays have profound, long term consequences, since young children develop in interdependent relationships. Help your child bond with you through playful, relational activities that activate key neural pathways for their mind.

Early learning & language delay

Early learning and language development emerges from a sound base in social life and movement, along with good auditory function. If your child was delayed in these earlier experiences, he can often quickly catch up with simple daily activities to rebuild this base.

Sometime language delay is caused by clogged ear ducts, due to displaced cranial bones from the intensity of birth. Craniosacral therapy can open these ducts and restore full hearing.

Profound challenge

If your child faces profound challenges in many arenas,  direct hands-on therapy and an evolving developmental movement therapy in a dedicated, long term program can help your child fulfill his capacities. 

Help for your child’s journey