What to expect in a Craniosacral therapy session

Catherine offers personalized care for families with the clear, gentle touch of craniosacral therapy. She has fostered a broad capacity to connect with babies, young children and women, as well as to provide counsel for parents.

For your newborn and growing baby
Catherine brings a calm and capable presence to help with your baby. She follows your baby’s lead in session with your guidance. Newborns may be clothed, or unclothed for skin to skin breastfeeding. Older babies are clothed in session.

Your baby’s first session includes a comprehensive intake, assessment, therapy, and home program. Depending on the issue, initial sessions may be long. Breastfeeding sessions are 2¼ hours. Fees for breastfeeding sessions are capped. These terms also apply to babies recovering from difficult birth, colic, and other very early issues. Follow-up craniosacral sessions for concerns other than breastfeeding may be shorter.

Home visits for breastfeeding may be arranged in the first 12 days of life in the Twin Cities metro, depending on Catherine’s availability. Mileage fees are additional.  After this time, babies and mothers come to Catherine’s home therapy space.

Catherine provides guidance for solving breastfeeding problems as a Certified Lactation Counselor. Families also work with an IBCLC when breastfeeding issues are complex. All breastfeeding clients are given free access to the Natural Breastfeeding video series online, created by an IBCLC and MD team.

For your toddler, preschooler or big kid
Catherine provides responsive care with priority for your child’s trust and comfort. We follow your child’s lead in the session based on your goals. The therapy space is set up for play for young children. Bring your child’s favorite toys, books and activities. We will be seated on the floor for engaged bodywork and play. Craniosacral therapy for older children is on a massage table

Your child’s first session includes a comprehensive intake, assessment, therapy and beginning home program. Session length is dependent on your child’s capacity for attention. An initial craniosacral therapy session is 1½ hours, and generally run shorter for subsequent sessions. For very active children, parents can schedule a phone intake session and a shorter in person session. Craniosacral for children are all held at Catherine’s therapy space in Minneapolis.

My objective is to provide therapy for your child and a home program for you, so that together we can help your child move forward.

For yourself
Craniosacral therapy for adults is on a massage table with clients fully clothed. Your first session is 1½  hours. Subsequent sessions are usually 1 to 1½ hours. It’s recommended to schedule 2-3 sessions to move therapy along effectively.

Craniosacral therapy touch is very light with gentle vibration. This may be combined with myofascial therapy in a session. Both are fascia release therapies; each focusing on specific areas of the body.  Fascia release is deeply relaxing, while effectively releasing tension in tissues.

A somatic approach and/or mindfulness practices may be woven into a session, based on your preference and concerns. You may also add on time to your session when scheduling to expand on somatic processing and/or mindfulness.