Breastfeeding bundle


Gentle specialized bodywork for newborns and lactation counseling gives mom and baby the best start for breastfeeding and bonding. Helps calm a fussy baby and recover from a difficult birth.

Breastfeeding Bundle for families contains:

  • Three sessions
  • Craniosacral and myofascial release for baby
  • Lactation counseling for mom
  • Free subscription access to Natural Breastfeeding videos

Purchase: Breastfeeding Bundle –  $630



Therapy sessions

Lactation counseling for mom with gentle craniosacral and myofascial therapy for baby to support the best start in breastfeeding and bonding.  Essential help for a fussy or inconsolable baby and for recovery from a difficult birth.

MamaBebe breastfeeding bundle:

  • Three sessions of breastfeeding support, 2 1/4 hours each
  • Families also receive free subscription access to Natural Breastfeeding videos which contains over 60 videos for beginning and troubleshooting breastfeeding.
  • Location: Sessions are in home or hospital within the first 12 days of birth, depending on Catherine’s availability. Home & hospital visits are offered only in the Twin Cities metro area. Mileage fees are additional, due at time of payment. After 12 days, sessions are held near Matthews Park and the I94 Riverside exit. Location details provided upon purchase.

Learn more about MamaBebe breastfeeding support and how craniosacral therapy can help.

A phone consult is a time for you to bring your questions to Catherine. Use this conversation to make decisions about what support services would be most valuable for you and your baby. Contact Catherine in advance of your birth, if you’d like to arrange for timely newborn support in advance.

A special gift
Give the gift of essential support for a new baby and mother by providing help at the tender time when breastfeeding is established. A perfect shower gift.

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