What to expect in a Developmental movement session

Beginning with your concerns, Catherine creates an engaged play session for assessment, therapy and building a home program for your child. Together we help your child move along with milestones. Adults seeking developmental movement for themselves can bring curiosity to find your innate resources and healing. 

Sessions for babies and toddlers

Catherine provides responsive care with priority for your child’s trust and comfort. We follow your child’s lead in session with your guidance and goals. The therapy space is set up for play.  Bring your child’s favorite toys, books and activities. We’ll be seated on the floor for engaged play and bodywork. 

Your child’s first session includes a comprehensive intake, assessment, therapy, and beginning home program. Session length is dependent on your child’s capacity for attention. Initially developmental movement therapy sessions are 1½ hours, but may vary for subsequent sessions. 


We start with your concerns and desires for your child. During developmental movement sessions, Catherine assesses which specific movement patterns, reflexes and sensory systems are lagging for your child. She explains how these relate to your concerns and interrupt development.

Therapy and home program

Sessions flow between therapy and home program guidance for parents, following the activity of your child. As Catherine provides hands-on support, she refines each activity to best fit for your child. We begin building a home program in the first session. Parents learn to carry out simple, early movements that activate powerful developmental drivers.

Sessions for adults

Beginning with your questions and intentions, we enter into explorations through hands-on support and witnessing. Movement may be small gestures, whole body, or quiet and internal. Depending on your preference we will work on a massage table or on a padded surface on the floor. 

Somatic explorations may awaken awareness of experiences stored in the tissues. You’ll learn tracking skills for body scans to meet yourself anew, and how you can access your internal systems as resources to call upon. You can discover what places or movements are stuck in habit patterns and what wants to be expressed. If you wish, we’ll develop a home program of mindfulness practices and movement activities.

Older children

Developmental movement therapy is available for infants, toddlers and adults.  Phone consults and referrals are provided for older children.