Developmental movement therapy

Nurture your child’s natural intelligence and emerging sense of self through hands-on support in playful, intentional activities. Parents receive a tailored home program to help your baby or toddler fulfill their intrinsic development. Your intake session includes history, evaluation and an initial home program.

Schedule:  My child’s first developmental movement therapy session
Intake session: $150 for 1 1/2 hours
Required before continuing care sessions

Schedule:  Continuing developmental therapy for my child
Options at this link:
$150 for 1 1/2 hours
$100 for 1 hour
$75 for 45 minutes

Also available at links above:
Phone consult – $75 for 45 minutes. Option to review intake form.

Short phone consult – $50 for 30 minutes


Babies and toddlers benefit from developmental movement therapy when they are at risk of delayed milestones. Reflexes, the simple elements of early developmental movements, are natural built into our brains starting in utero. By creating appropriate, playful activities within a trust relationship, we can waken up your child’s neural networks for essential activities.

Intake session includes history, assessment, hands-on therapy and a simple home program. Continuing care and longer sessions may be needed to continue building your home program.

Learn more about developmental movement therapy. Continuing care may be beneficial to keep pace with your growing child. Parents who want to learn a home program can arrange longer sessions to be able to support their child day to day.

Therapy sessions are held near Matthews Park and Riverside I94 exit in Minneapolis. Street address is provided upon scheduling.

Phone consults
A phone consult is a time for you to bring your questions to Catherine. Use this conversation to make decisions about what support services would be most valuable for your little one.  

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