What to expect in a Postpartum bodywork session

Catherine brings effective, resonant fascia release therapies that are uniquely relevant for childbearing women and babies. You can find deep connections within yourself and with your baby for recovery from birth and mothering.

The quality of touch for myofascial therapy ranges from light, fluid contact to firm, stretchy touch and vibration. Craniosacral therapy may be combined with myofascial therapy in session. Both are fascia release therapies; each focusing on specific areas of the body. Fascia release is deeply relaxing, while effectively releasing tension from tissues.

A somatic approach and/or mindfulness practices may be woven into sessions, based on your preference and concerns. Somatic therapy includes our experiences of movement in our inner world, including breath, fascia and fluid rhythms. You may also add-on time to your session to expand on somatic processing and/or mindfulness. 

Myofascial therapy may also be bundled with Body Ready Method® sessions for a comprehensive personal home program with bodywork support.

Sessions are on a massage table, fully clothed, or on the floor for active movement and home program guidance. Wear clothing that is stretchy and comfortable. Sessions may include movement, touch, mindfulness, body scan meditations, and finding release in physical or emotional challenges. 

In finding your way through chronic tension or difficult emotional times, often a series of sessions is very helpful. At times we rely on a lifeline of support. Knowing that a session is coming up can help us move ahead on a journey to ease and comfort. Discounts for prepaid packages are available.

Gift certificates or packages provide affordable, timely support for mother and baby when they need extra tender loving care.