Body Ready Method® session


Build your personal home program of alignment & movement activities to develop resilience, core strength and suppleness. Body Ready Method® is outstanding prenatal program to prepare for an easier birth. The same activities are excellent for women throughout life and during postpartum recovery.

Your first Body Ready Method® session starts with your goals, intake & alignment assessment, activities in session, and sends you home with specific movements to relieve pain and improve function. All tailored to fit your life.

Intake session: $200 for two hours
Required before continuing care sessions.

Continuing care sessions: $200 for two hours

Continuing care sessions: $150 for o

Schedule: A full phone consult
$75 for 45 minutes. Option to review intake form.

Schedule: A short phone consult
$50 for 30 minutes



Body Ready Method® is a personalized fitness program for women of any age and stage.  We begin with your intake session, concerns about chronic pain or dysfunction, and an alignment assessment. Together we build a home program that fits into your busy life.

Originally designed as a program for childbearing women, the Body Ready Method® is a comprehensive approach to empowering women throughout life for well rounded fitness. It’s excellent as a place to begin finding your own strength and addressing weak or tight places.  Learn more about Body Ready Method®.

Therapy sessions are held near Matthews Park and Riverside I94 exit in Minneapolis. Street address is provided upon scheduling.

Phone consults
A phone consult is a time for you to bring your questions to Catherine. Use this conversation to make decisions about what support services would be most valuable for you. If you want me to review your intake form, schedule a 45 minute consult. 

A great gift
A premiere program for women’s health, this makes a great gift for any woman, and especially for childbearing women.


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