What to expect with Mindfulness practices

.Mindfulness for everyday life

Catherine’s role is to serve as witness and facilitator of your developing awareness, emotional release and resilience. She supports you in returning to the present moment, where all life and healing takes place.

Gentle guidance through difficult emotional terrain

In sessions, Catherine can combine myofascial or craniosacral therapy with somatic guidance rooted in mindfulness and Hakomi . This approach provides a way of processing emotions during hands-on or movement therapy. Whether one is working with awakening presence, dismantling habituated patterns, or healing painful experiences, body-mind awareness and verbal processing serve to move us through to a new view on our ever changing life.

Choices for session activities

  • Mindfulness practices may be woven into sessions, as you wish, based on your preference and concerns.
  • Incorporate awareness practices into bodywork sessions of myofascial or craniosacral therapy on a massage table. You can be guided in tracking experiences in your body-mind, and learn this skill for yourself.
  • Incorporate awareness practices into movement sessions such as developmental movement, Body Ready Method® or qigong.
  • You may also add-on time to your session to further develop awareness practices. Somatics may also be combined with learning mindfulness practices, a natural way to broadly develop your own inner resources.

Develop your personal practice

Identify, create and gather your own internal and life resources to navigate day to day stresses or for processing difficult history. You may: 

  • Develop small somatic and mindful self care practices that can fit into your daily life at home or work.
  • Enter into the fundamentals of mindfulness practices.
  • Learn qigong, an ancient healing practice of flowing movement drawing on the energy of the elements of nature for renewal and stability.
  • Practice chants to foster heart qualities, stability of mind and healing the hard stuff.

Referrals to teachers

Train with Western approaches or with Buddhist teachers to deepen your practice in compassion-wisdom and freedom from reactivity of the mind amidst the upheavals of life.