Prenatal bodywork

Your best preparation for birth is to practice getting in sync with the physiologic activities that you and your baby are naturally designed to do. Relieve discomforts of pregnancy as your baby grows inside and prepare for an easier birth. Tend yourself and your baby well now with essential bodywork and movements for pregnancy and birth. Here you can find support for the emotional journey of your pregnancy and becoming a mother.

Make the session your own

Sessions can take many forms, based on your needs and desires. You can learn movements for pregnancy comfort and active labor. You can connect deeply within yourself, with your baby, and with your partner as you choose. You can focus on emotional release or mindfulness of movement for birth. A comprehensive array of prenatal bodywork therapies support you along the way.

What are your intentions? Goals? Concerns? 

  • More comfortable pregnancy
  • Better position of baby
  • Easier, shorter birth

Alignment sessions

  • Help your changing body adapt as you go about everyday life
  • Learn Body Ready Method® activities for core strength and suppleness
  • Make space for baby to line up well with your pelvis for birth
  • Develop alignment awareness practices that uphold you for life

Somatic release sessions

  • Release emotional holding patterns before your birth
  • Connect with yourself & your baby
  • Develop awareness practices for well-being

Relieve tension for more comfortable pregnancy

Prenatal discomfort is an important signal that your body is out of alignment. If you are in pain during your pregnancy, get help early for comfort now and prepare for an easier birth. Myofascial therapy relieves muscle and joint discomforts. If you have had chronic back, hips, torso or pelvic pain, even before pregnancy, combine myofascial bodywork with prenatal alignment work. If you have chronic headaches, combine myofascial sessions with craniosacral therapy

Take an active role in your alignment

Your alignment shifts throughout pregnancy as your baby grows and is shaped in daily use of your body. With a Body Ready Method® assessment, you can learn how you are moving and holding your body. A personalized home program guides you in the activities that bring balance for yourself and your baby for increased comfort and strength now, and during labor. Combine hands-on myofascial bodywork with your movement program to help your body adapt with suppleness to the requirements of carrying and birthing your baby.

Better alignment for better position of baby

Relax space in your body so your baby can move easily – for both of you – as she grows throughout your pregnancy. Body Ready Method® activities open space around your belly and pelvis. When your baby is not restricted by imbalanced bones & muscles, she will be able to move more easily into a good position for birth to begin. You’ll be more comfortable, too! For best outcomes, bundle with myofascial therapy.

Better alignment for easier birth

Labor is shorter when your body is aligned, your uterus is balanced, and your baby is lined up well to enter your pelvis. During pregnancy is the best time to create room for your baby to move through the birth canal. Combine alignment activities with myofascial bodywork so that during birth your baby can most easily navigate through the close fit of your pelvis. 

Begin Body Ready Method® alignment activities and bodywork early in your pregnancy for release of your pelvic muscles and fascia. Continue moving while laboring as a prime strategy for an easier, uncomplicated birth for you and your baby.

Balancing for breech or sideways positions

Starting at 32 weeks babies arrive at the position that they will take for the beginning of birth. If your baby is breech or lying sideways, arrange sessions for the breech balancing program to make space to encourage your baby to rotate to an optimal head down position. Myofascial hands-on support with your home program activities can make all the difference in how your baby takes part in birth.

Connect with yourself

Pregnancy can be an emotional time, with concerns as you look towards your birth. You can connect deeply within yourself to find calm. In a somatic myofascial bodywork session you can unwind old patterns of emotions that may be stored in your body; such as anxiety or fear instilled by cultural, family, or personal experience. 

You may be on an emotional roller coaster. If you have experienced a prior difficult birth, birth trauma, other trauma, or abuse; you may find that these affect your pregnancy, or could potentially stall out labor. Family pressures may also take their toll. Troubling events in the world may impact you. Old habits of thought and emotion may not be working well for you anymore. Awaken your own inner resources with  somatic meditations in body awareness to cultivate mindfulness and inner peace for a practical home program. 

Connect with your baby

Your baby is here now, inside. You can get to know your baby as you foster deep connections in body awareness practices. You can experience internal pathways and flow states between yourself and your baby. Coming into physiologic sync with your body and your baby is good practice in listening well internally to carry out the natural design of labor. 

Understanding the movements and journey of your baby during birth can give you a direct experience of connection with them as an active partner for the birth. Somatic myofascial sessions help you experience your baby in new ways while in utero. 

Belly mapping

Learn to identify the sensations you’re feeling with the placement of your baby in late pregnancy and develop your own awareness with a Spinning Babies® Belly Mapping session. 

Heart to Heart to Heart Session

Together, you and your partner can take an inner journey through physiologic pathways to deepen your connection with each other and with your baby in utero. In a guided somatic session, together you can explore your shared world and relax in quietude with your baby.

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What to expect in a prenatal bodywork session

Bodywork relieves pain and mobility

My sacrum felt amazing all weekend – like I wasn’t even pregnant – after our myofascial bodywork. It’s feeling a bit tighter now but no pain. Because my pelvis is still unstable, I’m combining movement activities at home with alternating chiropractic and myofascial release help. I feel like I have my body and mobility back. Thank you.

– Kim K

Baby moved into a good position

After the first session I felt more grounded and more relaxed, as if a weight had lifted. I felt much less tension in my stomach and hip area. My womb also felt more centered, shifting the baby into a good position for birth. During the sessions, I have been able to reach a state of deep relaxation, which I know will be helpful during labor.

– Alyssa

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