What to expect in the Breech balancing program

Breech zoom consult & intake

In an initial, one-hour breech zoom consult, we’ll gather information needed to begin developing your personal program. Before this you’ll fill out a comprehensive intake form, and describe the position of your baby and any aches & pains you’re feeling. These will provide clues to understanding how space around your baby is restricted.  Together we’ll create a plan for your care and essential activities coming up to your birth.

The breech zoom consult is required before the following Breech balancing program sessions.

Three breech balancing bodywork sessions 

  • Get started right away with scheduling bodywork sessions. Two hours each
  • Myofascial therapy on a massage table
    • Tones and releases muscles and ligaments restricting your uterus and your baby
  • Body Ready Method® assessment and movements
    • Solo activities you can do day-by-day to bring your body into balance for more space for your baby
    • Photos for an alignment assessment
  • Your third bodywork session is your choice of myofascial therapy or Body Ready Method®

Breech balancing parent class

In a three-hour class, parents will learn breech balancing activities you can do at home to help your baby move to a head down position favored for birth. Parent class is available online or in-person. In-person is highly recommended.

Home program

  • You’ll receive a written home program of essential activities based on the Body Ready Method® and Spinning Babies®. Your option to video record activities.
  • Add-on packages of bodywork are available