Breech balancing program


The full Breech Balancing program is a a comprehensive, individualized program that combines:
  • A couple’s class when you learn day to day activities that open space for your baby to be able move into their best position
  • Three sessions of hands-on prenatal bodywork
  • A movement home program for you and your partner to take action now.

Taking part in a Breech zoom consult is required before registering for the Breech Balancing program.

Schedule: Breech zoom consult$100

Purchase: Breech balancing program – $750




Benefits of the Breech Balancing program

  • Create space for your baby to find a better position for birth
  • Relieve tension around your uterus
  • Learn activities for both parents to help you and your baby

Comprehensive care plan

  • Three myofascial therapy bodywork sessions or Body Ready Method® sessions to release tissues restricting space around your baby. In person
  • Three hour class for parents to learn breech balancing activities. Available online or in-person
  • Home program

If you don’t use all your sessions prenatally, you can schedule self care during your postpartum recovery.

The breech balancing program is not a guarantee that your baby will rotate, but instead opens space around the baby to allow room them to move more freely.

Learn more about the Breech balancing program.

First step: Schedule a Breech zoom consult
Taking part in a Breech zoom consult is required before registering for the full Breech Balancing program. During the breech zoom consult, an online video planning session, we’ll discuss your condition, review your intake form, estimated due date, and together make a plan for your care.

Parent class and bodywork sessions are held near Matthews Park and I94 Riverside exit. Street address is provided with scheduling confirmation.


Photo by Raven Ivory

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