Breech zoom consult


The breech zoom consult is a planning session for you to decide the best steps to help you and your baby prepare for birth.
Use your breech zoom consult to describe your condition, bring questions and share your intake form. In conversation, we’ll create a plan for your care. We’ll also see what time frame we have coming up to your birth time and my availability, and what services I can provide or make referrals.
After the breech zoom consult, you can register for the full Breech Balancing program, a comprehensive, individualized program that combines a parent class with hands-on bodywork and a movement home program so you and your partner to take action when your baby is breech.


The full breech balancing program:

  • Creates space for your baby to find a better position for birth
  • Relieves tension around your uterus
  • Both parents learn activities to help you and your baby prepare for birth

Comprehensive care plan

  • One hour Breech zoom consult to create your care plan – required before registration for the full Breech Balancing program
  • Three myofascial therapy bodywork sessions or Body Ready Method® sessions to release tissues restricting space around your baby. In person
  • Three hour class for parents to learn breech balancing activities. Available online or in-person.
  • Home program

Taking part in a Breech zoom consult is required before registering for the full Breech Balancing program.


Photo by Raven Ivory