Spinning Babies® Parent Class – Private session


Arrange a private comprehensive Spinning Babies Parent class for yourself and your partner with individualized support, on your own schedule.

Spinning Babies® private parent class includes:

  • Orientation for you & your partner to Spinning Babies resources that families rely on for pregnancy & birth
  • Guided in-person session to practice Spinning Babies activities and address your concerns

Woman’s & partner activities for:

Prenatal comfort with activities tailored to your body

What to do When for every stage of the birth

    • You & your partner will learn activities to open your pelvis: as labor progresses
      • when baby is high
      • when baby is in the middle
      • when baby is low


WHY families take Spinning Babies Parent Class in private sessions:

  • You have a busy life & baby is coming soon.
  • You want a class with doula insight tailored to your concerns.
  • You want a natural, physiologic birth.
  • You feel discomfort anywhere in belly, hips, bottom, groin, legs or back.
  • Dad/partner wants to know how to help you now and at birth
  • You want to improve your alignment now for an easier & shorter birth.
  • You plan a vaginal birth after C-section

Prepare your body for birth and help baby come through the pelvis with Spinning Babies movement and hands-on partner activities. Bring your body into balanced alignment now for easier birth with tailored to you.

Pain in pregnancy is a sign that your body is out of alignment. Now you can do something about it, which will make your birth shorter and easier.

If you are feeling aches and pains, combine your Spinning Babies Parent Class with a Body Ready Method® session or myofascial bodywork session in a discounted package to make more room for baby.

Classes and therapy sessions are held at Riverbluff Somatics, near the I94 Riverside exit. Location details are provided after registration.

Photo by Raven Ivory


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