Bodywork for children

Children benefit from craniosacral and myofascial therapy when they feel growing pains, have falls, recurrent ear infections, tethered oral tissues or have experienced a difficult birth. Intake session includes history, assessment, hands-on therapy and a simple home program.

Schedule: My child’s first bodywork session 
Intake session: $150 for one and a half hours
Required before continuing care sessions

Schedule: Continuing bodywork for my child
Sessions vary from $75 for 45 minutes to $150 for one and a half hours

Also available at links above:
Schedule a phone consult
$75 for 45 minutes. Option to review intake form.

Schedule a short phone consult
$50 for 30 minutes


Gentle bodywork when your child is tense, has chronic growing pains or ear infections, or has had hard falls. Children are very responsive to the light touch of these craniosacral and myofascial release therapies. These use the same light touch, applied in different areas of the body.  Craniosacral therapy and fascia release is also recommended for children who have been diagnosed with tongue ties or other oral restrictions for both pre- and post-procedure.

Learn more about craniosacral therapy. Continuing care may be beneficial to keep pace with your growing child. Parents who want to learn a home program can arrange longer sessions to be able to support their child day to day.

Therapy sessions are held near Matthews Park and Riverside I94 exit in Minneapolis. Street address is provided upon scheduling.

Phone consults
A phone consult is a time for you to bring your questions to Catherine. Use this conversation to make decisions about what support services would be most valuable for your little one. If you want me to review your intake form, schedule a 45 minute consult.

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