Breastfeeding support – Gift Certificate

Give yourself or loved ones the essential support for a mother and her baby to help breastfeeding to get off to the best start. A breastfeeding session gift certificate provides lactation counseling and gentle hands-on bodywork for baby, including for recovery from the intensity of birth. Especially valuable when breastfeeding is difficult and when birth was hard.

Purchase: Breastfeeding support Gift Certificate – $225



Therapy sessions

Breastfeeding is a tender time of connecting and nourishing for a mother and baby. But many women and babies have challenges in feeding.  With help they can settle into breastfeeding that’s easy for your baby and painless for mama.

Breastfeeding, as part of nature’s design, is beautiful, but may not go perfectly. Birth can have major impacts on a baby that impede breastfeeding. These can be resolved with gentle bodywork. Mother’s bodies vary, and the breastfeeding relationship between a woman and her baby is unique. Personalized counsel and support for your newborn can make the difference.

Learn more about MamaBebe breastfeeding support and how craniosacral therapy can help.

Therapy sessions are held near Matthews Park and Riverside I94 exit in Minneapolis. Street address is provided upon scheduling. If your baby is under 7 days old, Catherine may make a home visit in the Twin Cities, dependent on distance and her availability. Additional fees for mileage.

Phone consults
A phone consult is a time for you to bring your questions to Catherine. Use this conversation to make decisions about what support services would be most valuable for your child.

A great gift
Welcome a new baby into your family and support their mother’s goals for breastfeeding. Makes a perfect shower gift.