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My mobility is back

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My sacrum felt amazing all weekend – like I wasn’t even pregnant. It’s feeling a bit tighter now but no pain. Because it’s unstable, I’m combining movement activities at home with alternating chiropractic and myofascial release help. I feel like I have my body and mobility back. Thank you. – Kim K

Wonder & routine

Somatic mamas

While we can read books, search the internet and hear from other parents, we learn most by being with our children.  Who is this little one?   Who am I, in my parenthood and my personhood?  We each change continuously!  Children’s fresh eyes on the world wake us up – and then they need us for… Read more »

Rhythms in body-mind integration

Somatic mamas

The body-mind connection is a new idea, but it is simply naming experiences that we all have had. Babies and young children are almost always swimming blithely around in their own phenomenal developing body-mind connections, while we as adults go in and out of being connected within ourselves or not. Since we live with so… Read more »