Somatic myofascial therapy – Trio of release sessions


Give yourself and your baby the gift of somatic myofascial therapy support for the best beginning. When you relieve discomforts of pregnancy, you are creating more space for baby to move into and through the birth canal. A shorter and easier birth is much more likely!

Prepaid package for three sessions with a 10% discount.

Three myofascial therapy sessions are strongly recommended to keep pace with your growing baby & to create space for baby at birth.

Contact Catherine to arrange your sessions.


Give yourself and your baby a great start by tending any discomforts of pregnancy and by helping baby to come into a good position for an easier birth.

Provide yourself with somatic myofascial therapy support for the best beginning.  Use your sessions to:

  • Relieve discomforts of pregnancy – a sign that your body is out of alignment
  • Create room in your pelvis for baby to make his/her journey easier
  • Enable all your hard work in labor to be most effective in moving baby down
  • Increase your likelihood of a shorter, easier birth
  • Post-partum recovery

The prepaid package of 3 sessions of somatic myofascial release receives a 10% discount

  • Session 1: Intake & myofascial therapy – 2 hours
  • Session 2: Myofascial therapy – 1½ hours
  • Session 3: Myofascial therapy – 1½ hours

Women receive sessions at Riverbluff Somatics in Minneapolis near I94 Riverside exit. Location details provided after scheduling.

Contact Catherine to arrange your sessions.


Also recommended:

Body Ready Method® provides women with tailored alignment activities and guidance to address chronic aches & pains that can restrict your baby’s position.

Spinning Babies® Parent Class teaches women & partners/dad essential movements for pregnancy and birth.


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