Natural Breastfeeding video series


Your newborn comes into the world equipped with many built-in abilities for breastfeeding. How we handle and position baby can make it easy for them to feed – or can make it hard!!!

Breastfeeding for beginners with clear guidance on how you and your newborn can begin as soon as she is born.  The easiest practices and positions for mom and baby. Watch videos prenatally to prepare in advance, and watch when baby arrives, if you need reminders or troubleshooting support.




A comprehensive video series on breastfeeding is a gem for women to learn best practices in getting started with nursing a newborn. Natural Breastfeeding online videos include:

  • Sessions of new mothers receiving clear instructions
  • How to make breastfeeding easiest for your newborn and you
  • Settle into relaxing positions as you recover from birth
  • Helps your baby use all the skills they can bring to breastfeeding
  • Trouble shooting demonstrations
  • Principles and practice – WHY this approach works best for baby and mom
  • Over 60 short videos designed for new moms & partners
  • Unlimited viewing once you set up your account

Nature’s design for breastfeeding, when we help babies bring their innate skills to successful nursing. Teaching videos are made by renowned lactation consultant Nancy Mohrbacher (IBCLC) and Dr. Therese Nesbitt, MD.

When you sign up here, you will receive a pdf with instructions on how to set up your personal account at Natural Breastfeeding. Once you create your account, you have unlimited access to over 60 videos for beginning breastfeeding and solving issues that come up.

The full Natural Breastfeeding video series is free for MamaBebe clients who sign up for two or more breastfeeding support sessions.

A special gift
The perfect gift for pregnant families.


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