Ahh, the mulberries are dropping, squishy where we walk. Purple fingered children are feasting while the birds fleet and chatter on high.

Each of us were mulberries once upon a time, packed with juicy potential on day four from conception. As little fertilized zygotes you were carried by a steady current along the great arc of your mama’s fallopian tube. Busily multiplying, your cells are contained within a firm eggshell of the zona pellucida.

In these first days you became a colony of like-minded soul-cells. You received the flowing stream from your mother’s oviduct fluids. Like a sponge colony in the ocean, this current flows through your outer permeable membranes and through your cells. The whole of you is held in fluid suspension within your eggshell. At the same time each of your cells contains a small inner tidepool of cytoplasm. You are still all this, a colony of cells in flowing synchrony.  As ever, we are enlivened water in breathing wrappers.

Dear zygote being, as you grew inside the shell, you became more and more densely packed. Up next: Busting out for bigger realms of support.