A woman approaching birth is on an intimate journey with her baby, and soon to share the exquisite experience of birth. You know that you can be active and empowered in your birth with good support. As a woman you have all the resources within in you to own your birth.  Just so, your baby can actively participate in her birth. You are in this together.

When we understand the natural capacities that your baby brings to her birth, you and your support team can provide the best opportunity for both you and your baby to be active and empowered as primary birth partners.

Many women have felt their babies partnering with them, but rarely speak of it. Now we can share the stories here – and create a new paradigm of what is possible based on our experiences.

With this blog I will unpack the specific movements of the baby, and invite your experiences to enlarge our understanding. I invite your stories — from women who have given birth, doulas and midwives who have witnessed the great passage of mother and baby together, and those who have memory of their own coming into the world.

As well we can share how to help a baby be an active participant in birth. We will look at what gets in the way of a baby fulfilling his first great journey. And, if you or a child has not had the opportunity to take part in her birth, or had a very difficult birth, our sharing together will offer resources for healing experience.