We’ve had the pleasure of working with Catherine on and off for about a year and a half now. We first sought her out for her craniosacral services when our son had colic and we were desperate for sleep and answers. Other options had provided him no relief. However, one session with Catherine and he was colic free!

If we had any doubts about craniosacral therapy and its benefits they were long gone after that! We continued regular appointments for several months for breastfeeding support, as he had always struggled with that as well, and having had no problems with breastfeeding out first child, I had no idea why our son was struggling or what I could do to help him. Again, Catherine was an invaluable resource! We saw signs of improvement immediately, and after a few weeks he was nursing like a champ!

We have continued to seek out Catherine’s expertise to help him through growth spurts and difficult teething times. The benefits of craniosacral therapy, as well as somatic movement therapy, have proven virtually limitless. I am so thankful to have been connected with Catherine and to learn from her as she has helped my son navigate some tough times. Her knowledge and skill works would be beneficial to parents and children of any age!

– Rachael Gallagher