Baby P- even eyes

Early on we noticed that one of baby P’s eyes seemed smaller than the other.  Catherine suggested that gently guiding the bones around the eyes to even alignment would make her vision easier for long term, future reading loads.  Since cranial bones are the most mobile in the first years, we could now make a big difference for her down the road.

With a few sessions and our home program, we saw her eyes even out gradually.  This seemed like it was all worked out.  Then 2 weeks after we had seen Catherine, her left eye again looked smaller.  When we talked about it, we realized Phoebe had had a growth spurt. As Catherine described it, we had gently moved her bones into better alignment, but not perfect alignment.  So when P had a growth spurt, the slight displacement became more apparent.  With continued gentle craniosacral therapy we saw her eyes become even again.   —  Mama J

Watch for more Triplet tales to come